Mission statement: The goals of the Colorado Recorder Orchestra are to explore the diverse styles of music through large ensemble playing, to provide challenging musical opportunities to area recorder players, and to provide educational opportunities to the public that demonstrate the history and versatility of the recorder.

CRO Conductor Rose Marie Terada

Rose Marie Terada is an active music educator and performer in early and contemporary music. She teaches recorder, piano, and harpsichord privately, and a senior recorder class, The Boulder Senior Pipers. Rose Marie performs on recorder and harpsichord with La Belle Musique, The Eclectics, Fipple Folk, and Now and Then. She has been the music director of the Colorado Recorder Orchestra since it began in 2004. She has studied Basso Continuo Harpsichord at the Eastman School of Music with Arthur Haas. She has 26 years experience as a music educator in the public schools. She holds a BME degree from Oklahoma State University, an MME degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and Orff-Schulwerk Certification from the University of Denver. A long-time member of the American Recorder Society, Rose Marie has been an active member and officer for the Boulder Chapter of the American Recorder Society and has served as a board member of American Recorder Teachers Association.

Our History

The Colorado Recorder Orchestra was formed in summer 2004, and had its debut performance at the Early Music Colorado “Fall Festival of Early Music” in October, 2004. Since 2004, there have been many performances in the Denver-metropolitan area, the Fort Collins area, Colorado Springs, and Cheyenne WY. In 2006 the CRO, went on tour to Japan where they performed three concerts in ten days and was part of a cultural exchange program celebrating the twenty years of sister-statehood between Yamagata, Japan, and Colorado. One of the three performances was in a Japanese elementary school. The CRO performed for students and the students performed for the CRO. It was an unforgettable experience. Performances included music by popular American composers, traditional Japanese music, Renaissance dances, Baroque music, and a suite by Gustav Holst, an English composer of the early 20th century best known for his music, “The Planets.”

The orchestra, a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation was organized by leaders from three Colorado chapters of the American Recorder Society with the goal to provide challenging musical adventures for more advanced recorder players. The Director of the Colorado Recorder Orchestra is Rose Marie Terada. Players, Board Members, and the Director all volunteer their time. Occupations of the CRO members include, petroleum engineers, retired teachers (classroom and music), retired professors (philosophy, engineering, English), nurses, physicians, marketing executives, business owners, varied health care providers, and more. It is a group of amateurs in the best sense; they love and enjoy making music together.

Presently the CRO consists of twenty-seven members, playing various sizes of recorders including Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass in C, and Contrabass in F. Other bass support is sometimes provided by a Bass Viola da Gamba and sackbut.

The CRO has been innovative and creative with programming since its inception and has performed music in many diverse styles, from various time periods, and world music countries. There have been concerts that included a small choir, a small baroque ensemble and guest singer (performing a baroque cantata), and small ensembles playing crumhorns and other unique unusual instruments.

Performances are unique, entertaining and educational. Programs provide audiences with rich background knowledge of the music, history, and cultures represented in the concert selections.


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